How It Began…

Having worked in the Investment, Pension & Advisory sector for over 30 years as a Proprietory Director, Norman joined the Company in 2012, with the goal of delivering a truly impartial advisory service to both Corporate and Individual Clients.

With a clear understanding of the requirements to deliver a Client focused advisory firm. Within an industry full of conflicts of interest, Norman wanted to serve people ethically and professionally in an effort to deliver an accountable relationship with both the Corporate and Individual client.

What We Do

Norman’s commitment to delivering for clients and providing well-researched advice led to the rapid expansion of the business. With such growth Insight Private Clients has maintained the ingrained systematic approach to the management of our client’s affairs which is the essential foundation for continued Client loyalty and Trust. At Insight Private Clients it is important that each Client is aware that we are committed to ensuring that our people, our actions and our business model differentiate us in the marketplace.

Today, Insight Private Clients is a full-service, impartial advisory firm that offers a comprehensive array of services through a team of qualified and educated professionals who are guided by the core values Norman Barry embraced over 30 years ago.

Personal Financial Assessment

“If you don’t know where you are going, any old road will take you there”. At Insight Private Clients we believe each Client needs to evaluate their objectives, going forward. Only then can a plan be formulated to achieve such objectives. Our process’s will achieve such a desired outcome. At Insight Private Clients, we believe the genesis for developing a strategic financial plan originates from the clients existing circumstances and their objectives going forward.

Retirement Planning

At Insight Private Clients we understand that retirement planning issues are a key focus of attention for many individuals and employers alike. Developing a cost effective and customised plan, capable of meeting a range of different circumstances and objectives, requires experience, in-depth knowledge and a level of creativity beyond the standard.


Providing adequate protection, in the event of death or disablement/serious illness, for oneself, ones family or business is at the very centre of proper financial planning. Death or disablement are immediate risks and the financial consequences of either can be devastating. At Insight Private Clients we have the resources to properly advise and execute on the most appropriate approach and product to meet specific risks identified.

Investment & Savings

At Insight Private Clients we know how important the success of your investment portfolio is to those who depend on it : an individual, a family, a beneficiary, a charity or a corporate entity. As an integral part of our business, experienced investment professionals are available to provide independent, unbiased advice for the management of client assets.

Inheritance & Gift Tax Planning

Planning for Inheritance & Gift Tax liabilities using life assurance can allow for the transfer of wealth to the next generation tax efficiently. Insight Private Clients has the expertise and knowledge of the various legal and tax complexities involved to design and implement a workable solution whereby assets are transferred in a most tax efficient manner.