Corporate Clients

The Corporate Clients we serve benefit from the direct experience our consultants have in applicable areas of strategic importance.

We seek to build long-term relationships by leveraging our experience, broad range of advisory services, and connections to provide advice on.

Corporate Co-Shareholder Protection

The premature death, or incapacity as a result of serious illness, of a shareholder in a private limited company can present serious financial issues in the absence of available funds. For the family of the deceased, value for the shareholding held may be sought. For the surviving shareholders, lack of funds may result in a dilution or total loss of control of the business.

Corporate Co-Shareholder cover provides the capital required to meet the requirements, defined in advance, of all the parties effected by an untimely death or critical illness. Insight Private Clients has extensive experience of structuring a customised plan and is seasoned in dealing with legal and tax advisors to ensure all policy proceeds are payable to the designated parties and tax efficiently.

Keyman Protection

The death or disablement, as a result of critical illness, of a key employee can provide a company with significant financial and survival challenges. Replacement costs, loss of profits, Bank commitments with personal guarantees are but a few of the circumstances that may prevail and need to be overcome.

Insight Private Clients are experienced in the design and implementation of Keyman cover arrangements in accordance with prescribed tax legislation such that any financial risk can be addressed satisfactorily.

Retirement Planning

At Insight Private Clients, we tailor and design Retirement Benefit Plans to each particular set of needs and circumstances. Company Sponsored Retirement Plans require design and management, aligning employee benefit provision with corporate resources.

Executive and Corporate Retirement

We advise our Corporate Clients on their employer sponsored plans, aligning employee benefit provision with corporate resources.

Post Retirement

In addition to pre-retirement services, Insight Private Clients also provides post retirement advice to individuals in relation to the management of their pension assets. Knowledgeable professionals provide customised recommendations on the most appropriate investment options including Annuities and Approved Retirement Funds.