Individual Clients

We provide comprehensive Personal Financial advisory services to individuals and families with the objective of helping them achieve their financial goals. We endeavor to help our clients build lasting legacies upon a foundation of sound financial stewardship.

Our clients have access to a range of comprehensive services that are all rooted in care, privacy and competence.

Inheritance & Gift Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax arises when an individual receives an inheritance of value from another above an allowable threshold after a death. Inheritance Tax is levied on the excess above the applicable threshold. A gift tax is levied and payable by the recipient. Insight Private Clients understand the complexities inherent in the transfer of wealth on Death or by Gift and through our objective and informed advice can provide guidance for the mitigation of any tax liability that may arise, in such circumstances.


Providing adequate protection, in the event of death or disablement/serious illness, for oneself, ones family or business is at the very center of proper financial planning. Death or disablement are immediate risks and the financial consequences of either can be devastating. At Insight Private Clients we have the resources to properly advise and execute on the most appropriate approach to meet specific risks identified.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection cover, payable in the event of death or critical illness, may be a requirement of the lending institution involved. Arranging this cover in the most suitable manner and one that secures the property in the event of one of the above unexpected events is a core service of Insight Private Clients.

Family Protection

At Insight Private Clients we provide our clients with the correct level and type of protection required to ensure adequate capital is available in the event of a premature death or serious illness.

Income Protection

Income Protection, the replacement of earnings/salary in the event of long term incapacity as a result of accident or illness, is a critical component of any financial protection plan. Insight Private Clients are experienced in advising on the benefits, terms and conditions of the most suitable plan to safeguard income, meet additional medical expenses and generally provide for an acceptable standard of living.

Critical Illness Protection

Critical Illness cover provides for the payment of a lump sum in the event of the diagnosis and certification of a specified illness. Its advantage lies in the provision of capital to assist in the funding of life changing circumstances and needs. Insight Private Clients, with its resources, is well positioned to advise on the most suitable product based on the specifics of each client.